Start Script (init.agi)

The start script (or commonly known as the init.agi file), is the config and environment checking script that allow ArozOS to know the given folder is a WebApp instead of a resources file. This file define the way and specification on how to launch the WebApp module on the web desktop interface.

Here is a minimal example of the init.agi file.

	Example Module
	author: tobychui
	This module is just an example for showcasing
	the basics of how agi scripting works with the
	front-end in ArozOS environment

//Define the launch settings for the module
var moduleLaunchInfo = {
    Name: "Example",
    Group: "Interface Module",
    IconPath: "Example/img/small_icon.png",
    Version: "1.0",
    StartDir: "Example/index.html"

//Register the module

When the registerModule function is called, it will register the given Example module with ArozOS and all users with permission can access the resources in this module.

Module Info Structure

Module info is a JSON object that is required by ArozOS to register your webapp. The object should contains the following fields

Key Usage Optional
Name Display name of the module
Desc Simple description of what the module does ✔️
Group Catergory group of the module
IconPath Icon of the module, use in float window title
Version Version of the module
StartDir Starting path of the module, must include module root folder name
SupportFW If the module support float window mode ✔️
LaunchFWDir Float window launching directory, must include module root folder name ✔️
InitFWSize Default float window size for this webapp ✔️
SupportEmb If the module support embedded mode ✔️
LaunchEmb Embedded window launching directory, must include module root folder name ✔️
InitEmbSize Default embedded window size for this webapp ✔️
SupportedExt Formats that this webapp can open ✔️

Here is another example containing all options usable in the module launch info.

    Name: "Music",
	Desc: "The best music player in ArOZ Online",
	Group: "Media",
	IconPath: "Music/img/module_icon.png",
	Version: "0.1.0",
	StartDir: "Music/index.html",
	SupportFW: true,
	LaunchFWDir: "Music/index.html",
	SupportEmb: true,
	LaunchEmb: "Music/embedded.html",
	InitFWSize: [475, 720],
	InitEmbSize: [360, 254],
	SupportedExt: [".mp3",".flac",".wav",".ogg",".aac",".webm",".mp4"]

Default vs Float Window vs Embedded Mode

If a user is trying to open a module in web desktop environment, the float window path will be used to start the module. If the float window path is not set, the default (start dir) will be used as fallback.

The embedded path is only used when a user trying to open a file with the module. In such case, a file info hash will be passed to the starting script location. See WebApp Front-end Development section for more information.

Mode Viewport Module Info Path Definition Key
Default Viewing as standard website or PWA StartDir
Float Window Viewing as a floating window in web desktop mode LaunchFWDir
Embedded Mode When a file info parameter is passed to the module for opening LaunchEmb

From the above screenshot, left: float window | middle: embedded mode | right: default (stand-alone browser window), capture under ArozOS web desktop mode

Developer Notes

Due to the execution scope and security reasons, only function in standard library and appdata library are usable within the start script. No other user functions (e.g. filelib) are usable. Please refer to the library pages for more details.