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The share API allow access to the ArozOS share interface and generate UUID based on the shared file.


share functions

share.shareFile("user:/Desktop/test.pptx", 300); //File virtual path and timeout in seconds, return UUID of share
share.getFileShareUUID("user:/Desktop/test.pptx"); //Get the share UUID of a given file, return null if not shared
share.fileIsShared("user:/Desktop/test.pptx"); //Return true / false
share.checkShareExists(shareUUID); //Return true / false
share.checkSharePermission(shareUUID); //Return the share permission of shares (anyone / signedin / samegroup), return null if shareUUID invalid.

Share Timeout

For shareFile timeout value, if set to 0 or unset, it will default to “forever”. Hence, the share will not be automatically removed after timeout

Please also note that the share timeout is done by the AGI gateway system runtime. Hence, if you have shutdown / reset your ArozOS within the set period of time, your share will not get automatically removed after the system startup again.

Usage Example

//File Share API
//This script demonstrate how to share a file on ArozOS using AGI script

//Require the share lib

function main(){
    //Share the file for 10 seconds
    var shareUUID = share.shareFile("user:/Desktop/test.pptx", 10);
    if (shareUUID == null){
        //Share error
        sendResp("Share failed");
        //Share success.
        //Check if share UUID exists
        console.log("Share UUID is valid: " + share.checkShareExists(shareUUID));

        //Check if the source file is shared
        console.log("Source file is shared: " + share.fileIsShared("user:/Desktop/test.pptx"));

        console.log("Source file share permission: " + share.checkSharePermission(shareUUID));
        //Remove the share using UUID

        //Delay 11 seconds

        //Check is the share is still valid
        console.log("Share UUID valid after share expired: " + share.checkShareExists(shareUUID));

        //Return the share UUID