🔸 filelib

filelib is the core library for users to interact with the file system. You can include the library with requirelib("filelib"). Example as follows.

if (!requirelib("filelib")){
    console.log("Filelib import failed");

Filelib functions

Here is a list of functions and example provided by filelib.

    filelib.writeFile("user:/Desktop/test.txt", "Hello World");  //Write to file
    filelib.readFile("user:/Desktop/test.txt"); //Read from file
    filelib.deleteFile("user:/Desktop/test.txt"); //Delete a file by given path
    filelib.readdir("user:/Desktop/"); //List all subdirectories within this directory
    filelib.walk("user:/Desktop/"); //Recursive scan dir and return all files and folder in subdirs, network drive are not supported
    filelib.glob("user:/Desktop/*.jpg", "smallToLarge"); //Standard glob function
    filelib.aglob("user:/Desktop/*.jpg", "user"); //Advance glob with better unicode support, do not support wildcard in directory but only filename (last part of the path)
    filelib.filesize("user:/Desktop/test.jpg");	//Get filesize in bytes				
    filelib.fileExists("user:/Desktop/test.jpg"); //Check if file exists
    filelib.isDir("user:/Desktop/NewFolder/"); //Check if path is directory
    filelib.md5("user:/Desktop/test.jpg"); //Get the file's md5
    filelib.mkdir("user/Desktop/NewFolder"); //Create a new folder
    filelib.mtime("user:/Desktop/test.jpg", true); //Get modification time, return unix timestamp. Set the 2nd paramter to false for human readble format
    filelib.rname("user:/Deskop");  //Get Rootname, return "User" in this example
Special sorting mode for glob and aglob

For glob and aglob, developer can pass in the following sorting modes (case sensitive)

  • default
  • reverse
  • smallToLarge
  • largeToSmall
  • mostRecent
  • leastRecent
  • smart (Added in v1.119, AGI only, for sorting filename containing digits with no zero pads)
//Example for sorting the desktop files to largeToSmall
filelib.aglob("user:/Desktop/*", "largeToSmall");

To use the user default option which user has set in File Manager WebApp, pass in “user”. Default sorting method is “default”

//Example of using user's selected mode
filelib.aglob("user:/Desktop/*.jpg", "user");
Return type of filelib.readdir (Since ArozOS v2.002)

For filelib.readdir, it will return an array with the following object structure

type fileInfo struct {
    Filename string
    Filepath string
    Ext      string
    Filesize int64
    Modtime  int64
    IsDir    bool

Example return value (in JSON object, not stringify JSON string)

    "Ext": ".mp3",
    "Filename": "MyMusic.mp3",
    "Filepath": "user:/Desktop/MyMusic.mp3",
    "Filesize": 12841616,
    "IsDir": false,
    "Modtime": 1653400359
    "Ext": ".shortcut",
    "Filename": "Code Studio.shortcut",
    "Filepath": "user:/Desktop/Code Studio.shortcut",
    "Filesize": 63,
    "IsDir": false,
    "Modtime": 1644421891
    "Ext": ".txt",
    "Filename": "END USER LICENSE.txt",
    "Filepath": "files/users/TC/Desktop/END USER LICENSE.txt",
    "Filesize": 11698,
    "IsDir": false,
    "Modtime": 1653318436
Relative path support when execute in personal page (Since ArozOS v2.005)

Since v2.005, filelib support execution of file operations as relative path when the file is executed via personal page link. For example:

var content = filelib.readFile("./untitled.md");

In other library or use case, please use the full path of resources instead.