🔸 user

The user library is automatically imported when the execution scope is a “user” scope instead of a “system” scope. For example, WebApp agi calls, serverless and personal homepage are all accessible to the user scope functions.


USER_VROOTS //Return an array of root names
USER_MODULES //Accessible modules in array, might return ["*"] for admin permission


getUserPermissionGroup(); //Get the permission group name(s) this user are in
userIsAdmin(); //Return true / false

User Creation, Edit and Removal

All the command in this section require administrator permission. To check if user is admin, use userIsAdmin().

userExists(username); //Return true / false
createUser(username, password, defaultGroup);    //defaultGroup must be one of the permission group that exists in the system
removeUser(username); //Return true if success, false if failed

Library requirement

You can request other library to be loaded and have extra functions to work with files / images.


Execute tasks in another routine

You can use the execd function to execute something that is long pulling after the main thread returned the results of the current calculation.

 execd("execd.js", "Payload to child")

To check if the current script is being executed as routine process, check for the following variable.

if (typeof PARENT_DETACHED == 'undefined'){
    //This is parent
}else if (PARENT_DETACHED == true){
    //This is child

To get the payload in child routine, get the following variable (Default: empty string)



Deprecated since v2.0

decodeVirtualPath("user:/Desktop"); //Convert virtual path (e.g. user:/Desktop) to real path (e.g. ./files/user/username/Desktop)
decodeAbsoluteVirtualPath("user:/Desktop"); //Same as decodeVirtualPath but return in absolute path instead of relative path from the arozos binary root
encodeRealPath("files/users/User/Desktop"); //Convert realpath into virtual path